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    Vaffanculo Vaffanculo ma la musica e' cattiva e' una fossa di serpenti e per uno che ci arriva quanti sono i fallimenti mi diceva quella gente che s'intende di canzoni hai la faccia da perdente mi dispiace non funzioni. La vicenda di Marco Masini, nella storia della musica italiana degli ultimi anni, rappresenta un capitolo doloroso.

    Eppure diffusissime, se è vero che il processo di immedesimazione dei tanti ragazzi che cominciano a comprare i dischi di Masini, decreta il clamoroso successo del cantante fiorentino. Per anni Masini è la voce di chi non ha voce, al punto tale che chi la possiede si prende il lusso di alzarla e di ricamare sull'artista la fama di portasfiga che in quegli anni costa la vita a Mia Martini. Marco tenta di difendersi dalla stupidità di simili accuse, ma si rende conto che la partita da giocare è troppo dura.

    Nel Marco Masini fa uscire l'album di successo T'innamorerai che esce sia in italiano che in spagnolo. Nel esce, anch'esso in due versioni italiana e spagnola , Il Cielo Della Vergine contenente le famose canzoni Bella Stronza e Principessa.

    Al termine del tour relativo all'ultimo album, Masini abbandona la carriera di cantautore. Tuttavia, dopo quasi tre anni di silenzio discografico, il 10 Ottobre Marco Masini torna con un nuovo album: ".. Masini ha poi partecipato al Festival di Sanremo , vincendolo, con la canzone "L'uomo volante " ed all'edizione arrivando terzo con la canzone "Nel Mondo Dei Sogni ".. Adoro Tozzi e Masini, ma potevamo fare a meno di questo album.

    Le canzoni di Masini non rendono assolutamente cantate da Tozzi e viceversa. Trovo questo CD veramente interessante. Mi piacciono i pezzi che i 2 artisti si sono scambiati.

    Come si fa poi è stupenda. Tozzi è un grande ma Masini è il massimo. Ciao a tutti Roby.. Bhe che dire: Umberto Tozzi è il più grande paroliere interprete e professionista nel campo musicale di tutti i tempi, la sua voce e quello che canta hanno fatto il giro del mondo e continueranno a farlo Grande marco!!!.

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    Bhè ho cominciato ad ascoltare marco qualche tempo fa! Cinque scudetti per il ritorno di un grande artista del panorame della musica italiana Bentornato Marco!. I 3 inediti sono stupendi, le altre canzoni arrangiate idem.

    Il giardino delle api : l'ultimo album completamente inedito di Marco Masini, pubblicato di Italia, Svizzera e Germania. Dal 2 settembre è in rotazione radiofonica in Italia il nuovo singolo di Marco, Tutto quello che ho di te , estratto dall'ultimo album Il giardino delle api , che nel frattempo è stato già pubblicato in Italia, Svizzera e Germania.

    This is because he often faces social themes in his songs in a deep and direct way.

    In he published L'amore sia con te, a compilation of his greatest hits, with the new song which gives the title to the album and Meglio solo, an old song recorded in the B side of Disperato single. During the summer, instead, the tour called L'amore sia con te took place.

    Interazioni del lettore

    In Enrico Ruggeri called Marco to sing with him La gente di cuore, included in the album Domani è un altro giorno by Ruggeri. After almost four years of silence, on the 12th of November Marco published the album Scimmie, published by the label Ma. This new album has been a great turning point in the production of Marco, who presented himself in front of the public with a new look: white beard and hair. The disc is a harder Rock and the lyrics are in general less sentimental, but more hermetic: with Scimmie Marco said that he wanted to recover the music of the seventies, which he had loved so much and which was returning in fashion: the opinion of the critic was strangely positive, but negative was the opinion of the public, who decreed the commercial failure of this misunderstood album.

    But in the artist returned to the past, maybe because of the controversies of the fans who wanted the old Masini, of whom they had fallen in love, the love songs, and the lyrics characterized by poetry and profundity. On the 27th of March the new tour Raccontami di te began, with a big success. It was divided into two sessions, one during the spring in the theatres, one during the summer in the sqaures of a lot of Italian towns.

    When he finished the tour, just a year after the publication of the last album, on the 26th of January , Marco published Uscita di sicurezza, containing fourteen new songs, written during all his carrier, a sort of secret diary brought to the light.

    Among the pieces stand out a cover of a very famous song of the Thrash group Metallica and a song dedicated to the adoption in the distance, embracing the cause of the children of Sudan. This new disc signed the artistic reconciliation with Bigazzi, proposing modern sonority, with a lot of foreigner influences and with themes characterized by a renewed force and determination.

    But the ruin of the euphoria for this new songs was determined by the scarce promotion of the record company BMG Ricordi and the continuous obstructionism of media against the figure of Marco, whose absurd reputation of bearer of bad luck and desperate began to be unbearable.

    The sale felt the effects of these things, also because Uscita di sicurezza was an album with a lot of facets, and for this reason it was more difficult to understand it. Marco, exhausted and on the 17th of April it was Tuesday he announced in public on the television news his retirement from the carrier of singer and songwriter, to become, maybe, the producer of other young groups.

    Marco Masini - Guitar Backing Track MP3

    Some personalities intervened, as Adriano Celentano and Maurizio Costanzo, who wanted him as a guest of their TV transmissions to denounce what was happening, but all these things remained useless. However, for not cancelling the engagements taken some months before, he made at the end of April the tour, in many squares around Italy.

    In this way it seemed to be concluded the extraordinary but brief carrier of a singer and songwriter, who has certainly given very much to Italian music and who could have given it more. A sensational singer and songwriter, who made of his simplicity, of his weaknesses, but also of his artistic, introspective and provocative capacities, a winning feature, which made thousands or maybe millions of people remember him and his songs in their hearts, in Italy and not only. A bit unexpectedly and on the sly, during the spring of a new tour began: in this case, however, it wasn't a promotional tour, but simply a present for his fans and an opportunity to introduce to the public the new emergent group with which he wanted to collaborate as an artistic producer.

    This group, called Anima, was composed by the musicians that accompanied him: Riccardo Cherubini guitar and voice , Nicola Contini bass , Filippo Martelli keyboards , Francesco Isola drums.

    The tour consisted of thirty dates in central and southern Italy, during the months of May-October. Meanwhile, his most affectionate public never stopped to show its closeness to Marco, in that so difficult and delicate period of his career, even organizing to make and dedicate a song to him entitled Cosa rimane A Marco , that is "What remains To Marco " to thank him for the emotions given in the past and to exhort him to find again the stimulus to write and sing new songs.

    Fortunately all this was not vain: the summer passed under banner of concerts in town squares exactly as in , after which to the surprise of everybody Marco came back on the scene in October with a new album,..

    With the collaboration of Mario Ragni's independent label MBO Music Ragni was Masini's original "discoverer" , Marco decided to turn page and start again almost "from scratch", underlining his will to leave back controversies and prejudices that had made him retire.

    While not denying anything of his own past except for the album Uscita di sicurezza, that was a record mainly by Giancarlo Bigazzi , Marco Masini then presented himself to the public more peaceful and jokingly than ever, with a great desire to go at it again, even without betraying his disillusioned and committed vein, as the three new songs he published witness.

    The first single, Generation, evidences how the anger and youth rebellion naturally passes adapting themselves as times go by to the new generations, leaving behind a more placid but still optimistic awareness: something like the attitude of the renewed and regenerated Masini.

    However, although the good reception by televisions, difficulties regarding radio airplays still continued: initially broadcast by just two national radio networks, the new singles were then played by other ones only because of many and pressing requests by the most affectionate public, more determined than ever.

    But the real deliverance, after so many years of difficulties and artistic, as well as human undeserved suffering, arrived in March, with the beginning, the development and the end of the most innovative edition of Sanremo Festival of the last twenty years: Marco's song, L'uomo volante "the flying man" , was the favourite one for Italian people, who could vote from home using phones and mobiles.

    That was a triumph: the so called "desperate" guy became suddenly a real "flying man", who could win Sanremo Festival with almost double the votes of the second placed, getting also the price for the best lyrics given by the artistic commission first place together with Omar Pedrini and the price given by the Radio and Private TV Broadcast commission first place together with Mario Venuti.

    Marco Masini's new career therefore seemed to be started in the best way: in a music business in deep crisis, in a music environment dominated by International "use-and-trash" music, imposed to the public by the big multinational record companies and by the deejays of the most powerful radio networks, and in a music world ruled by those "young artists" that are usually replaced the following year because they are already "old", the forty-years-old Masini succeeded in the most difficult task at all: to enter back the heart of the public!

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